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Heat Treating Filet Knife

Discussion in 'Heat Treating' started by Joelsund, Oct 10, 2020.

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    Dan here is typical example of what I am talking about. We used to make a lot of knives out of ATS 34 (20 years ago ) and could never figure out why they were corroding. We had the best furnaces and heat treat equipment at the IPSCO R & D Lab of any knife maker in the country.
    Some famous heat treater (on the internet)down south claimed that proper tempering of the blades should occur at 900 Deg F.

    Hitachi is the manufacture of ATS 34 so we wrote them a letter inquiring about the corrosion problem.



    So for all of you that think internet info is REAL ......go for it.
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    wow 900F, only thing I have tempered at or above that temperature had around 18% tungsten or other odd mixes.

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