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Forum Rules for Canadian Knifemaker

Discussion in 'Forum Rules' started by Mythtaken, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. Mythtaken

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    Although all members get a copy of these when they register, here they are again in all their glory....

    To ensure we continue to have a friendly, vital community, all members and visitors are required to follow a few simple rules. You’ll also find them posted in the New Member Introductions forum.

    1. Have fun.

    2. Watch your language. If you wouldn't want your mother or your children to read it, don't write it.

    3. Mind your manners. Most of us appreciate (and ask for) constructive criticism of our work, but insults, slurs, intolerance, or rude behavior isn't wanted or permitted.

    4. No salesmen need apply. If you post an advertisement for your shop or business, without the express consent of the administrator, we will invoice you an advertising fee of $250CDN for each month the posting remains.

    5. Leave your politics at the door. Some people have very strong opinions on the use or misuse of knives. This isn't the place to voice them. Postings about the morality or legality of knives will be deleted, as will discussions concerning knife combat.
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