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Blaming My Tools?

Discussion in 'Working the Steel' started by ToddR, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Grahamm

    Grahamm Active Member

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    Well first of all, no apology necessary. I thought it would be a cool little knife is all. The happy face was also to show I was joking.

    For all of us life gets in the way from time to time. I personally went through 6 years of traveling for work over 120 days a year, hardly seeing family, barely doing anything fun so I can appreciate your position. Sometimes life just gets in the way. I'm making knives as an escape from some of the pressures in my job. I have a bunch of direct reports and about 75 people on my team and there are days when I look back on what I've done and there isn't one tangible item that I can show for my efforts. Yes, I answered a lot of questions and I think I did a good job but with making a knife, even if it's not perfect it's something I can hold up as an outcome of my efforts.

    Plus it's a good reason to drink a beer in the shop (frankly, drinking beer is the best reason...I can BUY knives).
    Take care and I look forward to seeing what you come up with when you have time but don't feel pushed just by my comment. Take care.
  2. ToddR

    ToddR Putterer, Tinkerer, Waster of Time Staff Member

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    So out if the blue, I heard back from the guy who took this salvage knife off my hands. It's been used a couple of times now and is definitely not in a "show shine" state. But, even better, it has the marks of being used. It's odd how proud I am if this little knife. It was seconds away from the garbage and, so far, it's one of my most successful knives in terms of its utility. It's not the pic from the build but I had him send me a pic of it today after having been enjoyed in the real world. Still not my best work but it's one of the most used.

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  3. Mythtaken

    Mythtaken Staff Member CKM Staff

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    You should be proud. For me, that is what it's about. Although we try to make them look as good as we can, the best knives are the ones that get well used.
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