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Cryogenic Elephant In The Room

Discussion in 'Heat Treating' started by Griff, May 24, 2018.

  1. Griff

    Griff Active Member

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    So, since reading and watching Jay Fishers extensive chat/piece on Heat-treating plus Cryo-treating knives to get the uttermost out of all steels (this includes carbon steels, and not strictly limited to modern stainless and tool steels Jay talks about), I started researching Cryogenic Processors.

    This is the model from National Cryogenics Cooperation that was purposely built for knifemakers in mind


    Here are the details of the quote I received back: Pricing in USD

    Base Model $6,470. Then the list of add on's/ upgrades

    1 Maglock lock out - Locks machine while it is in use. Included.
    2 Emergency Stop – Note that there is an E-stop on the HMI already. This is for a physical Emergency Stop
    3 Stainless Steel inner-chamber $170
    4 4' LN2 transfer hose. Included in base price
    5 Insulated 4' LN2 transfer hose $105 (this seems like a must for Liquid Nitrogen)
    6 6’ LN2 transfer hose. $105
    7 Insulated 6' LN2 transfer hose. $255
    8 Custom length transfer hose/s TBD
    9 Remote viewing/operating capable $575
    10 Data Logging $675

    As you will see here the cost is most definitely surpassing the expense of a grinder and a heat-treat oven as the most expensive pieces of equipment a modern knife maker needs (that is of course if you wish to go this route, I do, Jay's stuff has left quite an impression on me!).

    I have reached out to a person from Nation Cryogenics Equipment because there are models like the LTI-12 that have a supplemental heat option to help bring the blades back to ambient temperature. This was left off the knifemakers model (scratching my head), not sure what knife makers they spoke too...but such an insulated box would take forever to get back to ambient by itself! We don't all have the patience of a saint!

    Another model is the LTI-40 which not only has the capability of heating the blades to ambient temp, but also reaching 500F so you can temper as well without ever having to remove the blades! The base price on that model is $8150 US and to have the tempering heat upgrade it's another $3700, then the rest of the upgrades such as hoses etc. are pretty much as above.


    That's the page for those two models. You will notice the LTI-12 is has much smaller internal dimensions that the LTK-27

    Hope this was of interest to those on the forum, even if they have no intention of pursuing a Cryogenic prosessor.

    Cheers :beer:

  2. John Noon

    John Noon Well-Known Member

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    A dewar is most commonly used for the liquid nitrogen although you can ad in a Liquid Nitrogen Withdrawal System if you want.

    This can get you into the process without a second mortgage then you can go up from there if you want.
  3. Griff

    Griff Active Member

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    @John Noon I totally missed your response somehow :confused: considering I am on here a lot! Lol!

    John I understand what you are saying, it's just I am getting caught up in the theory that unless you have a controlled decent of 4-5 degrees per minute to deep cryogenic temperature (below -300F) you risk micro fractures from shocking the steel by just dunking knives into LN2. Maybe you can go from ambient to fridge freezer-to dry ice-to dewar/LN2 as a more cost effective treatment? Or are there dewars with such control?

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